Factors to Consider before Buying the Best Pool Pump

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Factors to Consider before Buying the Best Pool Pump

7 November 2019
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Pool pumps are an essential purchase as they circulate water to prevent the growth of bacteria in stagnant water. You should, therefore, purchase a quality pump regardless of its price to avoid compromising on pool health. Before buying a pool pump, look at the following aspects.

Speed of the pump

Pool pumps are available in different speeds that regulate the pumping rate of the swimming pool. They are available in single-speed, dual-speed and variable speed. The type of speed you choose will also influence the consumption of power. A single-speed operates at one speed (high), and its speed cannot be decreased or increased. As it operates at high speed only, it will consume a lot of power, which is not ideal if you need to lower utility costs. Dual-speed has both low and high-speed options. They save energy as they run on low-speed when the pool is not in use. Variable speed pumps can be regulated digitally to the desired speed. They are however expensive but worth the cost as they are efficient, durable and quieter than other pumps.

Location of pool pump

The type of pool pump you purchase will determine its location. Note that the closer the pump is to the pool, the more efficient it functions. You should also consider the position of the pool pump height relative to the height of the pool. If you place the pool pump higher than the pool, it may struggle to create a suction effect and it may lead to wear on the pump components. Aboveground pool pumps, however, have many benefits with proper positioning. They save utility costs by not operating continuously and they are low-maintenance in comparison to in-ground pumps. You can inspect it monthly and fix any issues you detect.

Size of the pool

The size of your pool influences the type of pool pump you need. You should determine the litres present in your pool by using a water volume calculator. If you do not know how to use a water volume calculator, you can hire a professional. A professional will take the measurements of the pool's dimensions and its depth to determine the total litres. After taking measurements, a professional will calculate the maximum and minimum flow rate of the pool. The flow rate of the pool will determine the speed of the pump you need. It is suitable to choose a pool pump with a flow rate between the maximum and minimum flow rates of your pool.