Two things a pool builder may do when constructing a safety-conscious client's new pool

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Two things a pool builder may do when constructing a safety-conscious client's new pool

6 July 2023
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Here are two things a pool builder might do when constructing a pool for a safety-conscious client.

They might prioritise making as many areas of the pool non-slip as possible

One of the concerns that many safety-conscious people have regarding pools is that they or other people might slip when they're in the pool or when they're getting into or out of it, and injure themselves. Whilst features like glossy pool tiles and sloped, step-free pool entry points can look beautiful, a pool contractor who's working with a client who has safety concerns might forgo these elements, so they can make as many areas of the pool as non-slip as possible.

For example, they might not only add underwater steps to the sloped entry points but might also ensure that they use raised, textured tiles when constructing the steps. The tiles' rough, elevated surface will provide traction for those who walk on them, and thus reduce their risk of slipping. Similarly, if the client wants the builder to add a ladder to this pool, the builder might help the client to select one with wide, ribbed steps that have a non-slip coating.

Additionally, when laying tiles around the pool deck, the builder might use ones made of aggregate materials, as the bumpiness of these materials will minimise their slipperiness when they get soaked with pool water. Lastly, when laying the floor tiles within the pool, the builder might advise the client to opt for matte, mosaic tiles. In addition to looking beautiful, the tiles' matte texture and extremely high number of grout lines could help those who want to be able to stand steadily and strongly grip the floor of the pool with their feet.

They may install underwater lights in the pool

Whilst underwater lighting is often added to pools by contractors for aesthetic reasons, they'll also often integrate this lighting into the interior walls of the pools they build for their safety-conscious clients. These lights can make it much easier for people to swim safely in their pools at night.

The lights can, for example, help people to see the pool floor more easily after dark, and thus accurately gauge the depth at which they're swimming. They can also prevent those swimming after dark from bumping into the walls of the pool when doing laps, due to not being able to see where each side of the pool ends. Additionally, this form of underwater illumination can help swimmers to identify and swim away from hazards that may have fallen into the pool. For example, if a night-time swimmer can see that a tree branch has broken off and fallen into the water, they won't be at risk of being scratched as a result of colliding with it during their swim. 

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