The Key Design Features That Make Infinity Pools So Appealing

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The Key Design Features That Make Infinity Pools So Appealing

25 June 2020
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Most pool contractors in Australia now offer infinity pools among their other products. They are more expensive than most other pools for their size, but they are so architecturally pleasing that infinity pool builders are rarely without a new project to take on. If you are considering hiring infinity pool builders to make your dream swimming pool, then what are the most important design features that you should keep in mind?

A Zero Edge

The thing that any good infinity pool builder will point out to you that makes this type of pool so distinctive is the so-called zero edge. This is the part of the pool that looks like it has no side, which is why it has its name. In fact, they are something of an optical illusion. The side is there, but it is hidden a fraction below the waterline. Most infinity pools have a zero edge facing a wonderful view so that the water appears to meet the sky with an unbroken horizon. What you will need to ask your infinity pool builders is how many of the sides of your pool will be given the infinity-edge treatment.

Water Overflow Return

Because of the aforementioned zero edge design, pool water spills over the top, especially as you splash around. Of course, with conventional swimming pools, this is much less of an issue. The design feature that makes an infinity pool work is the overflow return system. Simply put, your infinity pool builders will need to design a way for the water that flows over the top of the zero edge to work its way back into the main body of water. Usually, a system of channels and filters is installed so that you don't keep losing water and, therefore, lose the illusion inherent in an infinity pool.

The Site

Another big decision about the design of an infinity pool is where to site it. Choose the wrong place and the effect of seeming endlessness will be lost. This makes positioning an infinity pool much more of an issue than it would be for any other type. Most people want the best view overlooking the zero edge, ideally at an angle whereby it connects to the sky, the ocean or both depending on the point of view.

Glass Walls

Some infinity pools have glass walls forming their zero edges and some don't. Ask you chosen infinity pool builders about the practicalities involved. Glazed walls are impressive but they push the cost up. That said, you might not want one if your property is overlooked since they can be very revealing.

For more information, reach out to an infinity pool builder