How to Fix Some Common Problems With Your Pool Pump

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How to Fix Some Common Problems With Your Pool Pump

18 October 2018
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One of the essential components of your pool's plumbing system is its pump. Pool pumps function to increase pressure in your pool so as to force the water to flow into the filter. As such, it functions much like your heart in that it is crucial for the pumping and cleaning of the water in your swimming pool. However, not many homeowners pay close attention to their pool pump. This inadvertently leads to is succumbing to wear and tear over time. Below are some of the sure-fire signs that your pool pump requires your attention.

The pool pump has sprung a leak

Although your pool pump functions to create pressure in your swimming pool's water, it is not supposed to suck in any of the water. If you begin to notice that the pump is leaking, it could be caused by an array of reasons. Some of the more common culprits of this problem are damaged housing for the impeller, a malfunctioning shaft seal or threads that have shrunk at the plumbing discharge pipe.

If your individual problem stems from the impeller housing or from a damaged seal, then you could easily purchase the parts from your local hardware store and replace them as a DIY project. However, if the problem is much more serious, then it would be best to call a pool technician who would be adept at taking apart the pool and remedying the problem.

The pump keeps turning off

If your pool pump begins to turn itself off spontaneously, there are several things that you could check to determine what the problem is. The first thing to do would be to listen to the pool pump as it is running. If you hear a humming sound coming from the motor, chances are the capacitator has developed a problem and will need to be either repaired or replaced.

On the other hand, if you do not hear any strange noises coming from the pool pump when it is on, chances are it is overheating. This leads it to switch itself off so it can cool down. Keeping your pool pump running in this state can lead to a complete breakdown of the pump, as it will burn itself out. It would be prudent to hire a pool technician to determine why it is overheating.

Lastly, the pool pump may begin to turn off spontaneously if there are blockages in the vent. These blockages are typically caused by leaves and twigs that make their way onto the underbelly of the pool pump. Simple cleaning and maintenance should prevent this from re-occurring.