Pool Builders | 4 Clever Tactics To Plan Ideal Pool Tiles For Your Elderly Parents

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Pool Builders | 4 Clever Tactics To Plan Ideal Pool Tiles For Your Elderly Parents

10 August 2016
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If you've decided to help your parents build the pool they've always wanted, then you'll want to get some basics right to ensure that it is safe for them to use when you're not around. Swimming pool construction requires careful consideration, so follow these clever tactics when working with your pool builders to plan low maintenance pool tiles for your elderly parents.

Make Inside And Outside Pool Safety A Key Priority

Seniors tend to be less stable on their feet, so your best option is to choose tiles that are safe and stable underfoot to make in-ground pools as elder-friendly as possible. For instance, tiles surrounding pools are governed by Australian Standards AS 4586-2013, which classifies pedestrian surface materials and AS 4663-2013, which discusses slip resistant measurements for pedestrian surfaces. When it comes to tiles inside in-ground pools, ceramic or stone tiles with textures are ideal to prevent slipping.

Use Light Coloured Tiles To Gauge Pool Depth Accurately

When working with your pool builders, consider using light tile colours instead of dark tile colours to help your parents navigate through the pool more easily. Light colours tend to reflect light, which makes it easier to notice pool depth. On the other hand, darker colours can distort actual depth, which can prove to be dangerous for your senior parents. Glass tiles have excellent optical clarity, which makes them a good choice for elder-friendly pools.

Choose Large Format Tiles For Lower Maintenance

While tiles are bound to develop scum over time, large format tiles tend to hold on to less dirt than smaller format tiles. They are generally lower maintenance because there are less grooves and joints between them. This is an ideal choice when you're planning a pool for your older parents, since it reduces the amount of time required to clean and maintain them. Since large format tiles are typically quicker to maintain, the cost of a pool cleaner would be significantly lower than otherwise.

Avoid Pool Tiles With Designs And Patterns

While designs are generally attractive when you have small kids in your home, keep in mind that designs and patterns on pool tiles can be distracting for your elderly parents with poorer eyesight. Your best option is to choose plain tiles without any patterns and designs to ensure that your parents are well aware of pool depths without any difficulty.

If you're working with pool builders to plan ideal pool tiles for your senior parents, consider these clever tactics for making good decisions.