4 Surprising Swimming Pool Maintenance Tips Many Homeowners Overlook

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4 Surprising Swimming Pool Maintenance Tips Many Homeowners Overlook

12 February 2016
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Having a swimming pool at home can be great during hot summer weather, but you do need to ensure that you maintain your pool properly throughout the year. This will keep the water healthy and safe for you and reduce the chances of having any of the major parts of the pool break down before they should. Note a few surprising tips for swimming pool maintenance that many homeowners overlook but which can keep your pool running optimally during the summer season.

1. Use a tennis ball

Do swimmers at your home tend to use suntan oil and other greasy products on their skin or their hair? Do you notice these oils clinging to the sides of your pool and clogging your pool's filter? If so, use a tennis ball to help soak up these oils. You can simply toss the ball in the water and the fibrous material will soak up oils and grease. You can even keep the ball in the water indefinitely and just change it out for a new one once the old one gets covered in oil.

2. Track water loss

Hot weather and other such factors can cause a pool to lose water, but a leak can also mean losing water fast. You can track the water loss from your pool with a weighted bucket you place on the stairs. Mark the water line and then check it every week. If the water loss is significant, have the pool checked for potential leaks.

3. Keep your dog out of the pool

You may think of your pet as part of the family but dog hair can easily clog filters and cause them to break down more quickly than they should. Pet waste can also increase the algae in a pool as this waste is food for algae, allowing it to grow quickly. You may think your dog is clean but keeping him or her out of the pool can help to protect it and keep the water at the right pH level.

4. Use baking soda

Baking soda can be used as a scrub for the pool's walls to get dirt and grime off and it won't scratch the pool's tiles. It can also help to maintain the right alkalinity of your pool's water, keeping it safe and healthy. The baking soda is also better for the skin than most pool chemicals, so it also has the added benefit of keeping you healthy as well as keeping you pool maintained.

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