3 Important Design Tips for Custom Designer Pools

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3 Important Design Tips for Custom Designer Pools

9 December 2015
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In an attempt to enhance the backyard, many homeowners opt to incorporate a custom designer pool that will auger well with the available open space. In spite of the beauty and elegance associated with custom designer pools, a number of considerations are often take into account to make the pools fit perfectly into respective yard. Here are three design considerations that pool designers or contractors emphasize on in order to make a pool complement rather than downplay the backyard and its surroundings:

Shape of the swimming pool

In a bid to provide symmetry to the open space, the shape of the pool ought to match the outline of the surrounding space. The addition of a circular family pool to the backyard whereas the surrounding space is more of a square shape will certainly take away the overall beautiful appearance. In fact, it may appear off-balance. On the other hand, a square pool on one section and a square segment of grass on the other serves to afford the yard a perfect symmetry that is eye catching.

Space for pathways or decks

The second design tip is to leave enough space for pathways and decks surrounding the custom designer pool. Generally, these pathways or decks serve two important functions. Firstly, from an aesthetic perspective, they draw attention to the swimming pool. Secondly, from a safety point of view, they maintain space between the pool and the section where the kids and pets often play thus preventing the cases of kids or animals drowning in the pool.

Size of the pool

The size of the pool is the third design consideration for custom designer pools. A family pool that is too large in size is bound to take up plenty of space in the yard thus leaving no space for other activities. On the other hand, a small-sized pool is not suitable either, given that it may not be spacious enough to be used by more than a few guests. In this regard, the ideal custom designer pool is that which occupies enough space, however it does not eat up all the space completely. This means that the pool can accommodate a good number of people while at the same time leaving adequate space for other activities in the backyard.

Custom designer pools are typically designed according to the wishes of the property owner. However, with the above-mentioned design tips, property owners can design a pool that meets their requirements and looks eye catching to themselves and visitors.