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Building a Pool When You Are Afraid of Water

Hi, my name is Molly, and a few years ago, we built a pool so that our autistic son could receive hydrotherapy at our home. However, as drowning is a common cause of death and injury among kids with autism, it petrified me to build a pool. However, we worked closely with a pool contractor to make sure that it was as safe as possible. I love the result, and although I am always careful and cautious, I am no longer afraid of having a pool. If you want tips and ideas on designing your pool (even if you are afraid of pools or water), you have come to the right place. I hope that this blog helps you.


The Key Design Features That Make Infinity Pools So Appealing

25 June 2020
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Most pool contractors in Australia now offer infinity pools among their other products. They are more expensive than most other pools for their size, but they are so architecturally pleasing that infinity pool builders are rarely without a new project to take on. If you are considering hiring infinity pool builders to make your dream swimming pool, then what are the most important design features that you should keep in mind? Read More …