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Building a Pool When You Are Afraid of Water

Hi, my name is Molly, and a few years ago, we built a pool so that our autistic son could receive hydrotherapy at our home. However, as drowning is a common cause of death and injury among kids with autism, it petrified me to build a pool. However, we worked closely with a pool contractor to make sure that it was as safe as possible. I love the result, and although I am always careful and cautious, I am no longer afraid of having a pool. If you want tips and ideas on designing your pool (even if you are afraid of pools or water), you have come to the right place. I hope that this blog helps you.


A Few Pros and Cons of Different Pool Styles

28 July 2017
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Having a pool installed on your property isn't as expensive or difficult as you might assume, and it's a great way to entertain friends and family during summer months. However, shopping for a pool can be a bit overwhelming, just because there are so many different types of pools available. Note a few pros and cons of those various styles and models, and this might make the selection process faster and easier for you. Read More …